Welcome back to the Forgotten Realms!
It is 1398 D.R. The Year of the Voyage. 25 years have passed since the heroes known as Nexus left the world of Toril behind to confront the fallen god Oloch Uriel.

Nexus disappeared into the planes, seeking to make their way to a burnt world, where they hoped to find that which could defeat a god. Oloch Uriel had found a way to seal the crystal sphere from the multiverse, barring the Gods access to their followers. Toril in turn was lost. Divine magic simply ceased to function. Then the demons came. Hordes of screaming infernal monsters that laid waste to all they touched. It was all the people could do to mount a hurried defense and fight this onslaught.
It was all up to Nexus now. The world they left behind was scoured and war torn. Some regions were more affected than others.
Then it happened. After three months of literal hell, the magic that bound the demons failed. One by one, the Gods returned and made their presence known to their followers, and the demons were driven back.
Nexus had succeeded! Slowly, the people of the Realms began to rebuild. To recover from the trauma of the Scouring.

Much to everyone’s sorrow, Nexus never returned. Spells were cast, gods were pleaded with, but to no avail. No one has been able to determine their fates in all the years since.
Nexus were hailed as heroes and saviours. Thanks to their efforts and sacrifice, the world was able to rebuild. Statues were erected, streets were named after them. In their home city of Suzail, a monument was built in their honour. People speak their names in quiet gratitude, and even offer prayers for their safe return.

This is where you find yourselves. A generation later, the world is much the same, yet it is also changed in many ways. The Scouring has left its mark.
You are the new generation, the ones who hope to brandish a new torch, to pick up sword and staff, and forge a path to hopefully live up to the name of the heroes under who’s long shadow you now walk.

If you are ready, I’ll tell you a tale of adventure…….

Forgotten Realms: Birthright

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