Peter Godolphin

Alchemist and Sage.


Peter Godolphin is a human Alchemist, Sage, Archmage, and proprietor of Tissot’s Arcana – a magical emporium in Waterdeep.

He is very tall, lanky man in his early seventies, with a wizened face, and an appropriately impressive beard. His features are slender, but kind. His eyes gleam with intelligence. He likes to smoke from a clay pipe, a habit he picked up from his old friend.


He is closely affiliated with Nexus, in that he founded Tissot’s Arcana together with Rudophi Paranello, one of their number. After the disappearance of Nexus, Peter became obsessed with finding what had happened to them.
He is assisted at the shop by his two sons, his wife, and a handful of staff.

Tissot’s Arcana is also blessed with the only known stable two-way portal to Sigil on the Sword Coast, and people pay a handsome fee to make use of it.

Peter Godolphin

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