Calimshan is a land obsessed with wealth and unimpressed by magic. Its people are heirs to an old empire founded by genies; and now fear such creatures and ban them from their lands. Familiar with displays of magic, they see the Art as any other skill that can be learned. Some say the blood of the efreet runs in some Calishites, giving them sorcerous powers and a talent for fire magic.

Calimshan is renowned for its chauvinism, exotic markets, thieves’ guilds, decadent harems, desert landscape, and wealthy ruling class, as well as its enormous population and many slaves.

Most Calishites rely upon mercantilism for their livelihood. The cutthroat politics of Calimshan involve backstabbing, layers of deception, and numerous advisors. Most rulers reach their position through lies, murder, and blackmail. Calishites are obsessed with titles and status, and an inappropriate look or remark from a person of lower station results in severe punishment. The people of Calimshan seek wealth not for wealth itself, but for the comforts and status it brings. Calishites believe that wealth is the reward for a life of work, and they look down, upon those who rely upon charity or “adventuring” to support themselves.

Arcane magic is relatively common here, to the extent that half of the imperial guard are wizards. However, despite, a reputation for being a land of genies, Calishites avoid evocation magic (except for the efreet-descended sorcerers), planar magic, and teleportation, preferring conventional methods such as flying carpets.

The business underworld comprises an important aspect of Calishite culture. Because a person’s power on the surface and her influence in the underworld are considered two separate things, title ranks may vary greatly. The underworld is the only place in Calimshan where women are treated as equals to men. The rules for negotiations and meetings between underworld rivals are complex and delicate, involving proper forms of address, lying, and courtesy to the host.



Main: Alzhedo
Other: Chondathan, Chultan, Shaaran, Tashalan, Draconic, Elemental.


Weapons: Scimitar, Falchion, Dagger
Armour: Padded armour, Chainmail
Mounts: Horse, Camel, Riding Lizard


Burning Sands
Sand Slumber

Fighting Styles:

Single Weapon Fighting Style; Mounted Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Azuth, Ilmater, Shar, Sharess, Siamorphe, Talos, Tyr


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt