To outsiders, Dambrath seems a land of contrasts. Its people dwell in open grasslands under a sweltering sun and endless blue sky, but they owe fealty to the drow, who shun the light. Though the majority of its population is human, Dambrath is ruled by the Crinti – people of mixed human, drow, and elf heritage. The nation draws its most lucrative trade commodities from both the land and the sea. Because of its leaders’ surprisingly non-aggressive policies toward their neighbors and their aversion to allowing outsiders too far inside the nation’s borders, Dambrath has remained a lard of mystery to most of Faerûn’s folk. That situation suits its noble class just fine.

Stretching between the East Wall, which serves as its border with Halruaa to the west, and the Southern Lluirwood to the east, the nation of Dambrath measures more than 700 miles across. Dambrath also claims some additional land east of the Forest of Amtar, along the trade road toward Delzimmer. Rethild, also known as the Great Swamp, is ostensibly part of Dambrath, though its rulers claim that area in name only, since the lizardfolk and nagas that live there deter any thoughts of true control.

Dambrath’s climate is oppressively hot except during the rainy season, which begins in mid-Uktar and lasts two to three months. South of the Gnollwatch range, the days are sweltering, but the nights are pleasant because the breezes blowing in off the Great Sea cool the air quickly. North of.the mountains, the temperatures are even hotter, and the air is stiflingly sticky. Rain comes much more frequently there, making the Forest of Amtar a humid zone every bit as muggy as the jungle regions of the Chultan Peninsula. Most people dwelling in the countryside have never seen snow, and morning frosts are almost nonexistent except in the mountains.

Most of Dambrath’s land consists of open plains covered with tall grasses particularly suited for the breeding of horses. This veritable sea of rolling plains stretches as far as the eye can see in every direction. Horse ranches – tiny, self-sufficient communities dedicated to breeding the finest mounts in Faerûn – dot the countryside every few miles. Most of the urban population dwells in trading cities on the coast. The crystal-clear waters of the bay keep Dambrath’s fishing and pearl-diving industries lucrative year-round.



Dambrathan, Elven


Weapons: Crossbow (all), Rapier, Longsword
Armour: Leather, Chainmail
Mounts: Horses


Tenser’s Steady Aim

Fighting Styles:

Mounted Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Loviatar, Tempus, Lloth


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt