Gray Dwarf

Gray dwarves, also known as Duergar are a subrace of Dwarves that carve out their existence in the deepest parts of the Underdark.
They are kin to dwarves, but in eons past fell prey to the deprivations of Illithids. Following a violent revolt, they overthrew their cruel masters and became a people unto themselves.

Like their surface kin, duergar are typically stocky figures, though beyond this there are many differences. Both male and female duergar are typically bald, while females lack the capacity to grow facial hair. Their skin and hair is dull gray in colour. They are usually leaner than other dwarves.
Duergar are a cruel and sullen subrace. They are often motivated by self interest at the expense of others, which many outsiders find hard to understand. They are raised and live in a harsh world, where only the strong survive. They have little time for pleasantries or social graces. Of course there are always exceptions.
Those who manage to escape their dark world, are usually branded as criminals, exiled to fend for themselves. Some manage to escape without being caught, but they find little love from their surface cousins once they make it out.

Duergar are known for their warriors and craftsman. They are experts at mining and forging, especially adamantium, one of the rarest of metals.
They often speak their own language and undercommon.

  • Ability Adjustements: +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma
  • Movement: 9
  • Infravision: Duergar can see varying degrees of heat in the darkness to a distance of 120’.
  • Dwarven Resilience: Bonuses to saving throws against poison, rods, staves, wands and spells.
  • Dwarven Enemies: All Duergar get a +1 to hit when fighting aberrations of the Underdark.
  • Subterranean Affinity: While underground, they can detect several phenomenon when within 10’ of the feature (depth can be determined anywhere).
    These include: Grade or slope of a passage (5 in 6 chance); New tunnel construction (5 in 6 chance); Sliding walls or rooms (4 in 6 chance); Stonework traps, pits and deadfalls (3 in 6 chance); Determine approximate depth underground (3 in 6 chance).
  • Innate Magic: Duergar can cast Invisibility and Enlarge once per day.
  • Light Sensitivity: Duergar cannot see in bright light. Any light greater than that of torches or continual light spells (including
    bright sunlight) will blind them and severely affect their ability to fight. Wan light, like that of a light spell, does not trigger this disadvantage. Bright light causes the duergar to suffer, temporarily, –2 to Dexterity. Attack rolls are made at a –2 penalty, and opponents gain a +2 save against duergar spells if they are within the light. When a duergar is in darkness and his opponents are in the light, he retains his Dexterity and surprise advantages but still suffers a penalty on attack rolls.

Regions: The Underdark
Racial Spells: Gray Dwarves can pick one spell from the following list when starting play: Spider Climb, Shield, Cling, and Wardaway.

Gray Dwarf

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