In a region ringed by mountains lies Halruaa, a nation of reclusive wizards. This rich realm is famous for its gold mines, its fiery Haerlu wine, and most of all, its magic. Halruaans wizards, like their mighty Netherese ancestors, crave powerful magic and pursue their craft with fanatical devotion. It permeates their lives, affects every facet of their existences, and provides a standard of living found nowhere else in Faerûn. Though not all Halruaans have mastered the Art, everyone feels comfortable around it. The nation’s wizards pursue the Art with fanatical devotion and consider all other studies to be inferior pursuits. Thankfully, the Halruaans have thus far avoided the soul-blindness that doomed Netheril, and if they remain vigilant against such hubris, they might enjoy the fruits of their labors for many years to come.

Halruaa is almost completely encircled by the Walls of Halruaa, a series of mountain ranges that form the eastern, northern, and western borders of the country. The coastline of the Great Sea forms its southern boundary. Halruaa stretches approximately 500 miles from east to west, and more than 350 miles from the coast to the northern foothills. The vast majority of the country consists of flat, windswept plains, broken only by broad, sluggish rivers and the occasional unusual feature.
For the most part, Halruaa is a warm, humid land, with a tropical climate.

Halruaa is predominantly (90%) a human nation, and Halruaan humans make up 80% of the human population. The remainder of the nation’s population consists primarily of dwarves and halflings. Most of the dwarves live in the mountains that form the eastern perimeter of the country, where they work the gold mines. Some halfling traders from Luiren have settled in trading communities near the coast, while small populations of halflings have been established in Halruaa’s urban centers for several generations. A few elves and half-elves also call Halruaa home, though they are rare enough to be considered oddities anywhere in the interior of the country.

Halruaans as a whole are self-satisfied people more interested in staying at home than in exploring or exploiting the rest of Toril. Wizards enjoy pursuing their research in the privacy of their laboratories and don’t see much need to get beyond the Walls. Those who do leave their native land are often merchants or agents in search of unusual spell components.





Weapons: Quaterstaff, Dagger
Mounts: Horse, Pony


Metamorphose Liquids

Fighting Styles:

Finesse Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Mystra, Azuth, Shar


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt