Sages and loremasters throughout Faerun often refer to the land of Impiltur as the “Forgotten Kingdom.” Older than Cormyr but little known west of the Dalelands, this insular kingdom all but withdrew from the affairs of the East, as it dealt with political turmoil and the depredations of fiends, plagues, and monstrous humanoids. Seemingly a strong, stable realm, Impiltur never truly recovered from the terrible time of the Fiend Wars several centuries ago, and the suspicion and age-old fears wrought by that tumultuous event linger as its legacy. Sinister fiend cults, evidence of demonic possessions, and rumors of otherworldly subversion bedevil Impiltur, making it a kingdom that has in more recent times removed itself almost totally from the political landscape of the Inner Sea. The realm has been hesitant to place its trust in others, pursuing a policy of isolationism for the better part of a century. History has shown the people of this land that the clasped hand of a generous friend can all too often become the clutching talon of a grinning fiend.

Despite these attitudes, the people of Impiltur work to build a society in accordance with the faith and tenets of the Triad – the religions of Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater, which play a preeminent role within the kingdom. Impiltur and its people undertake acts of charity, believe in self-sacrifice, and champion justice and the furtherance of the common good. Impiltur retains a sense of the “frontier spirit” that drove its genesis as a nation over the many centuries, although this leads many observers to view it as less sophisticated than the jaded societies of Sembia, the rugged cities of the Moonsea, and the exotic lands of the Vilhon Reach. Those with dreams and ambition, however, judge it a land where fame and fortune can still be found at the tip of one’s sword and where deeds of chivalry still combat the fiends of a tumultuous past.

Impiltur has been ruled by a hereditary monarchy, save during the handful of years when the Fiend Wars raged and during the Kingless Years following the demise of the Elethiim Dynasty. The Heitharn Dynasty, the current ruling family, is the fourth in Impiltur’s history.
As with most goodly realms, the common folk of Impiltur form the general backbone of life and society in the kingdom. Impilturan commoners are known for their self-reliance, martial aptitude, and piousness. A prosperous middle merchant class buttresses a large and increasingly prominent farmer class, as agriculture and animal husbandry prove more and more lucrative.

Urban Impiltur shines as an example of how benevolent rule, coupled with a religious focus toward combating poverty and disease, makes a difference in the life of the common people. No city or town in Impiltur save for the shantytown of Bay Town, contains anything that observers would describe as a slum or beggars’ quarter. The efforts of the priests of Ilmater to alleviate the suffering of the urban poor has seen a general trend toward better health and increased wealth for the lower classes and a realization from the upper classes that with their wealth and power comes significant responsibility to those less fortunate.

In addition to the more mundane activities of farming, laboring, and herding, the common folk of Impiltur, have always readily acted as a source of manpower for martial activities in and around the lands of the Inner Sea. Along with Chessenta and some of the lands of the Vilhon Reach, Impiltur has historically furnished well-trained fighting men for “just and noble causes that pay well,” as the mercenary leader Helingar “Threeswords” Lornim once commented. Since the Kingless Years, the authorities regulate mercenary companies in Impiltur, requiring them to obtain royal assent in the form of a Lord’s Charter and a binding oath of service to the throne and realm when called upon.





Weapons: Bastard Sword, Morningstar, Light and Heavy Crossbow, Polearms (all)
Armour: Studded Leather
Mounts: Horse, Riding Goat


Magic Fist

Fighting Styles:

Two-Handed Weapon Fighting Style; Missile Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Ilmater, Selune, Tymora, Valkur, Waukeen.


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt