Folk hear tales of Lantan, “where Gond is worshiped”. Most know very little more beyond the hearsay that Lantan is a strange and dangerous place where clockwork machines and infernal devices work great wonders and terrors at their makers’ direction. Here invention and magic have come together to create the incredible.

The inhabitants of the island of Lantan pioneer technological solutions to problems and combine them with magic. The faith of Gond rules the pleasant island realm, and its inhabitants farm, craft things, and experiment endlessly. The Lantanese inventors constantly create new “small wonders” for the greater glory of Gond, and sometimes sell or trade these devices for glass, charcoal and other odd ingredients their clients require.

Some Lantanese devices popular on mainland Faerûn include wagon suspensions and repairable sectioned wagon wheels; self-filling oil lamps that never go out as long as an oil tank is kept filled; various light-beam and tripwire intruder alarms; intricate hinges, chains, clockwork time-release devices, hasps, locks, and castings with special features (such as “stabbing pins” that can be poisoned to deter thieves, key-hiding cavities, catches that can ring chimes to announce the opening of a portal, and so on). The Lantanese have also created wind-driven fans, “snap-together” weapons, grapnels that.can be disassembled and concealed in clothing, and a variety of intricate needles and tools for sewing and surgical uses.

Lantan is also known for it’s constructs of magical nature, such as golems, warforged creatures and other breathtaking devices and beings.



Lantanese, Gnomish


Weapons: Arquebus, Plickenstinter, Heavy Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Rapier
Armour: Leather


Little Bird

Fighting Styles:

Missile Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Gond, Azuth, Mystra, Gnomish Pantheon.


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt