Luiren, land the of the halflings, is both peaceful and bustling. Though halflings can be found in every country in Faerûn, all their ancestors originally migrated from Luiren. Sometimes known as Small Folk, halflings actually prefer the term hin, the name they call themselves. But they don’t hold the use of other names against visitors who don’t know any better. They’re happy enough to welcome newcomers with a smile and a place to stay – though that lodging might be a half-sized stable or barn.

The hin nation of Luiren sits on the southern coast of Faerûn, nestled between Dambrath to the west and Estagund to the east. The settled portions of the kingdom wrap around a small bay known as the Luirenstrand.
Most of Luiren’s countryside is filled with gentle, rolling hills blanketed with rich soil that supports a wide range of crops. Small copses of very large, very old trees dot this pastoral landscape. The only portion of the non-forested land that is not arable is the Mortik Swamp.

Like the rest of southern Faerûn’s coastal region, Luiren is warm and humid through most of the year. Because of the Toadsquat Mountains, which catch the updrafts of humid air off the ocean and churn them into cooler, rain-filled clouds over the woodlands, Luiren gets more rain than either Dambrath to the west or Estagund to the east. The season of heaviest rain, during the winter months, slows trade and travel but is good for the growing season during the rest of the year.

Most folk who visit Luiren come away with a mixed sense of warmth and confusion. The halflings of this land are happy and gregarious, but their customs and traditions seem more than a little strange to anyone from another land. On the coast, where the majority of their trade occurs, the halflings go out of their way to accommodate the Big Folk, building larger places for them to sit, eat, and sleep. Those living inland are just as happy to see humans, elves, half-elves, and dwarves as their kin on the coast, but about the best they can offer in the way of hospitality is a dry barn and a hot meal or two.
In the cities of the humans, halflings are often relegated to ethnic neighborhoods. In Luiren, however, the hin rule, and their culture reflects that fact. Few members of the other races stay in Luiren long – not because they are inherently unwelcome, but simply because they don’t fit in – both literally and figuratively.

The halflings of Luiren live a happy-go-lucky lifestyle that suits them well but causes some misunderstandings with other races. Teamwork is a major component of hin society, and just about every halfling worth his salt pitches in to help with whatever community project is at hand. The Small Folk have an innate understanding of the fact that no individual can get much done without cooperation from his fellows.

One unique aspect of Luiren’s culture is the halflings’ occasional desire to uproot themselves and relocate. A family might suddenly decide to move to another part of the same town, or even to a different city. Families often exchange the intensity of life in an urban center for the rural quiet of farm life, or vice versa. Such a relocation can occur several times in a halfling’s life, and someone moves at least once per tenday in any sizable community. When a halfling moves, all his possessions are left behind – furniture, food, clothing, and even his job. All the neighbors pitch in to throw a special kind of going-away party, wherein everyone helps clean up the property to get it ready for the next tenants. The house does not stay empty for long, because whenever a hin family moves away, another soon arrives.

At any given time, a certain percentage of the abodes in any locale are vacant and waiting for new occupants. Families visiting a town for the first time might spend a day or two checking out the vacancies before deciding which place (and furniture, and clothing, and job) are right.for them. Outsiders find this behavior more than a little odd, but to the hin, it’s as natural as a rainbow after rain.





Weapons: Short Sword, Sling, Staff Sling
Armour: Studded Leather, Brigandine
Mounts: Pony, Riding Boar



Fighting Styles:

Missile Fighting Style; Finesse Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Halfling Pantheon


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt