Priest Spells


Divine magic is different from Arcane in that it’s source is not man-made. As a result, players making divine casters can select all spells found in the PHB. Those characters with spheres not listed in the PHB, may use the Tome of Magic, or Faiths and Avatars. Any spell that appears in other books and expansions is considered rare, or simply lost. This means that those spells will only see the light of day if your character happens to find them in a lost tome or scroll, or perhaps, if you are very fortunate, granted as a gift by a superior. These spells represent the blessings of the gods given either as a reward by your church, or prayers of bygone eras. The way religions are practiced evolves over time, and so does the magic they use.

Some spells are considered to be a part of basic Priest training, and orisons represent that aspect of their education and faith.

These spells work as the spells listed in the PHB. Those spells that are not in there are linked to a description.


Bless Weapon
Create Water
Cure Minor Wounds
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Disrupt Undead
Purify Food and Drink
Read Magic

Item Creation Spells:

Enchant an Item
Enchant Weapon
Enchant Armour

Healing Magic:

Healing Magic

Restoration Spells:

Restoration Spells

Monster Summoning Spells:

Monster Summoning Spells

Other Spells:


Priest Spells

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