Not much is known about this mysterious region. Shadovar is an area in the desert of Anauroch, with a former Netherese flying citadel grounded on the shores of the Shadow Sea at its heart. It appeared suddenly in 1372 D.R. Tearing a rift between Toril and the Plane of Shadow.
Although not much is known about people who dwell there, they are known as Shadovars. They are said to worship the goddess Shar.

In the months following their return, the people of Shadovar feigned benevolence under the promise of destroying the Phaerim. But it soon became apparent that they had ulterior motives. They caused severe weather changes to the Western Heartands, ruining crops and causing famine. They destroyed Tilverton in Cormyr, leaving it a black smear on the landscape. And when it was finally revealed that they were in league with Shar, the Chosen of Mystra (including Khelben Arunsun, Storm Silverhand, and Laeral Silverhand) infiltrated Shade Enclave in an attempt to destroy them. While not successful, they did enough damage to hamper their dark aspirations for a time.

It is believed that Shar herself intervened to save her worshippers.

Some two decades later, the citadel has remained relatively quiet.

The dark rifts in Tilverton left by the Shadovar became one of the focal points for the Scouring. Demons poured out of the ruins of the city, and although they were defeated, the city was beyond saving. Today, a permanent unnatural gloom hangs over the ruined city, and few dare venture inside.





Weapons: Ranseur, Short Sword
Armour: Brigandine, Small Shield


Tunnel Vision

Fighting Styles:

Finesse Fighting Style; Two-Handed Weapon Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:



Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt