Although many use the term “the Tashalar” to broadly refer to the Tashtan Coast, which stretches from Narubel to Sheirtalar, in truth it refers only to the Tashalar Basin, which is encircled by the peaks of the Hazur Mountains. The Tashalar is a verdant coastal area full of bountiful gardens, and groves of tropical trees. Tashalaran harvests are shipped north to ports in Calimshan and along the Lake of Steam, and from there to the rest of Faerûn. Tashalaran sun fruit are so perfect that even the worst vineyard of the region produces wines worth 100 gp or more in Waterdeep.

Tashalarans are famed for their skilled craftsmanship, hunting prowess, shipbuilding, exotic spicy cuisine, and winemaking, and they have adopted much of the high culture of Calimshan over the years, but have retained their native traditions as well. Tashlutans (as inhabitants of the capitol city are known) are warm and welcoming to strangers, and many speak foreign tongues. Attitudes quickly change in the smaller settlements of the countryside, however.

Most of the Chultans, lizardfolk, and Shaarans living in the Tashalar are slaves purchased in foreign markets. But slaves comprise only a small percentage of the total population, despite the willingness of Tashalaran merchants to traffic in sentient lives. Most Tashalaran commoners labor in the fields, groves, or vineyards, although some work as sailors, shipwrights, sailmakers and provisioners. The wealthy merchant families dwell in ostentatious palaces, dividing their time between their country estates (most of which include a hamlet just outside the villa walls) and the elite districts of Tashluta. Hunting is a popular sport among the merchant nobility, and the bravest hunters seek out the deadly denizens of the Black Jungles (albeit in the tamer reaches north of the Tashan Gap) as trophies.

The merchants of the Tashalar defend their country with a fleet of fast ships, most of which have fallen under the influence of a consortium of aggressive traders known as the Rundeen. This group, based in Tashluta, effectively controls the ruling Tashalaran oligarchy and dominates all trade into and out of the Tashalar. Despite the loss of their monopoly on shipping on the Shining Sea, the Rundeen also dominate Calishite shipping through a recently revived partnership with the Knights of the Shield, a secretive organization of spies active in Amn, Calimshan, and Tethyr.





Weapons: Short Bow, Scimitar
Armour: Hide
Mounts: Riding Beetle, Riding Lizard


Fire Quill

Fighting Styles:

Single Weapon Fighting Style, Finesse Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Chauntea, Malar, Savras, Waukeen


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt