Once a great forest populated by elves, the land now known Tethyr has been overrun by giants, dragons, and djinn, given rise a great dwarven kingdom, fallen to the Calishites, harbored escaped slaves, and suffered through numerous political turmoils. The most recent of those was a civil war a generation ago that killed hundreds of thousands of people and resulted in the secession of one of its provinces.

Tethyr recently emerged from a decades-long civil war with two new monarchs. The strong rule of Queen-Monarch Zaranda Star Rhindaun and King Haedrak III (who for years served as scribe in Shadowdale to the great wizard Elminster under the name Lhaeo) is beginning to restore hope to a cynical suspicious, wartorn land.

Tethyr is now growing, establishing ties with hesitant neighbors, and driving monsters from its lands. Its political situation still involves much intrigue, and the people distrust organizations that admit to meddling in others’ affairs (such as the Harpers). The forest elves remain wary of the new rulers, for the last three kings sought to tame the great forest with axe, fire, and sword. The pirates living in the Nelanther isles to the west plague the kingdom’s maritime commerce, including trade with far-off Maztica.

Tethyr is an old, often fragmented land that lies between the economic powerhouses of Amn and Calimshan. It is a dry, hot, and yet fertile realm of pride and mounted knights, forests and farms, herds and wealth, with two peninsulas thrusting out into the Sea of Swords. The huge Wealdath Forest, still inhabited by elves, stands as its northern wall. The interior is a largely empty region of rolling grasslands. Most Tethyrians dwell along the Murann-Riatavin and Zazesspur-Saradush trade routes, and one in five is a halfling (with almost all others being human).

Most of the well-made furniture, chests, and coffers in use in the Heartlands is Tethyrian or made in imitation of Tethyrian work. The realm is widely known for its superb wares, and Tethyrian guilds strive to promote excellence rather than controlling markets as they do elsewhere. Each of Tethyr’s prosperous merchant families dedicates itself to a particular craft or trade good.

Land equals status in Tethyr; the nobles either earned their land themselves or inherited it. The common folk are ruled by counts, who appoint local sheriffs from among the commoners to administer laws, muster militias, collect taxes, and support local magistrates. The counts in turn answer to dukes, and the dukes to the Queen. She is advised by the Royal Privy Council of the monarch, her heir or crown regent, eight dukes, and five religious and racial emissaries: the Archdruid of Mosstone, the Treespeaker of the Wealdath (elves), the Hills’ Voice (halflings), the Shield Brother of the remaining Starspire dwarves, and the Samnilith, a spokesperson for the gnomes.

The Queen directly oversees the standing army and judiciary. She has made Darromar the new capital of the realm, and it has risen swiftly to join Myratma, Riatavin, Saradush, and Zazesspur as an important Tethyrian city.

Tethyr has many knightly orders sponsored by Ilmater, Torm, Tyr, and Helm. The most prestigious is the Order of the Silver Chalice, followed by the Champions Vigilant who worship Helm. Intrigue and opportunity have sprouted of late as Tethyr recovers its prosperity and grows larger – the cities of Riatavin and Trailstone seceded from Amn and declared allegiance to the throne of Tethyr in 1370 DR.

Travelers are warned that the number five is considered very unlucky in Tethyr.



Tethyrian, Chondathan, Elven


Weapons: Long Sword, Bastard Sword, Long Bow, Lance
Armour: Chain Mail, Large Shield
Mounts: Horse, Pony



Fighting Styles:

Mounted Fighting Style; Siege Warfare Fighting Style; Weapon & Shield Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Helm, Ilmater, Siamorphe, Torm, Tyr, Elven Pantheon


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt