Best known for the crimson-robed Red Wizards who ruled the land with an iron fist; Thay was a realm shrouded in mystery. Few outsiders had ever traveled extensively within its borders unless abducted and sold into a short life of slavery there.
The Thayvians endeavored constantly to expand their borders after winning their independence from Mulhorand in 922 DR. In fact, it was only twelve years after that date that the Thayvians launched their first invasion of Rashemen. Thayvians had been beaten back numerous times from both Aglarond and Rashemen, but though their armies failed to subjugate these realms, they still brought the Alaor, the Priador, the Sur and Umber vales, and the cities of the Wizards’ Reach under Thay’s control.

In 1368 D.R. Thay began an aggressive campaign of rapid expansion that took the entire east, if not the world, by surprise. The many years of internal conflict were brought to an end by the emergence of a powerful new leader, the Grand Zulkir.
Using guile and deceit, they managed to get their enemies to fight amongst themselves. Cormyr and Sembia, long-time allies, were locked in an expensive war following the untimely deaths of King Azoun, and several Sembian merchant princes.
Had the now famous heroes of the adventuing group Nexus not intervened, Thay would likely have succeeded in conquering much of the known world.

Following the destruction of the Thayvian government’s seat of power – the fortress of Thaymount – and the deaths of all but a few of the Zulkirs, the country fell into disarray.
The remaining ruling bodies fought to fill the power vacuum, leading to a decade long civil war. Ravaged by infighting and strife, the slaves seized the opportunity to revolt, and in 1380 destroyed the city of Eltabar. Many of the people fled to neighbouring nations.

When Thay was at its weakest, in 1386, Rashemen seized the moment and invaded. The war lasted only two months. Thay was crushed by the hordes of Rashemi barbarians that streamed in from the north.

After plundering all they could, and leaving the country in tatters, they installed a Warlord to oversee Rashemi interests, and allowed the people to return to their homes, now under Rashemi rule.

Today, Red Wizards are put to death on sight. Any members of that class are viewed with great suspicion. Although much of the Thayvian way of life is forever changed, the country is slowly rebuilding. There has been a tentative peace that has settled over the land. It remains to be seen if it can last.





Weapons: Dagger, Mantcatcher
Armour: Banded Mail
Mounts: Horse, Riding Beetle


Aura Fire
Nybor’s Gentle Reminder

Fighting Styles:

Finesse Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Bane, Loviatar, Gargauth, Kossuth, Shar, Talona, Mystra


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt