The Dragon Coast

The Dragon Coast consists of the lands and islands on the south shore of a branch of the Sea of Fallen Stars. It’s more of a way of life than a geographical area for the three powerful city-states, seven or so major thieves’ guilds, dozen pirate bands, and agents of Faerûn’s darkest secret societies who live and work here.

To outsiders who don’t know how to play the game, the Dragon Coast is a nest of vultures and thieves located in the center of too many otherwise-ideal trading routes. To the initiated (canny Sembian merchants, shrewd rogues, and caravan masters who aren’t afraid to grease a palm), the Dragon Coast is a perfect place to get things done … to get anything done. As the Sembians say, “Everyone has a price. But the price is more reasonable on the Dragon Coast.”

The veteran caravan master Gulkyn Drouthe of Reddansyr once described the Dragon Coast as “Waterdeep without guilds or Watch, and Westgate with its sinister powers reduced to the same swift blades and underhanded spells as the rest of us.” A visitor here can expect to meet all kinds of beings, from drow and illithids to beholders and lizardfolk – and the usual poisonous array of unscrupulous mages for hire, doppelgangers and other shapechangers, and anyone on the run from justice elsewhere.

There is no central government. Throughout much of the Dragon Coast there is no government at all or any law enforcement beyond sellswords and a general, unwritten code of conduct enforced by anyone who cares to take the time to do so. Few do unless they witness an offense that might be directly harmful to them: someone poisoning a well, for example, or using magic to destroy warehouses.

All manner of goods constantly flow through the Dragon Coast. Only three groups of people command universal respect: the healers-for-hire (usually priests of Lathander, Shaundakul or Waukeen); the Waukeenar-sponsored moneychangers who are forbidden to practice swindles and deceptions; and the coopers and master shippers who craft containers for trade goods and pack them against heat, cold, wet, hard blows, and long falls.

Like everything else in regions where coinage is king, there’s a clear scale of warehouses from the massive, heavily guarded stone fortresses down to small hideaway compartments behind sliding walls and within window-sills in even the rudest of dwellings. It’s been said that not a hovel in the Sword Coast lacks its hidden storage chamber. Many of these contain goods long forgotten, left behind when owners were slain or just never returned





Weapons: Rapier, Light Cross Bow
Armour: Leather
Mounts: Horse


Change Self

Fighting Styles:

Finesse Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Mask, Helm, Nobanion, Sune, Sharess, Tempus, Tymora, Umberlee.

The Dragon Coast

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