The Ride

North of the Moonsea and south of the Tortured Land lies the broad green swathe of land known as the Ride, which is home to numerous roaming barbarian tribes. Suffice it to say that these tribes have managed to hold sway over their territories despite the presence of tyrannical societies such as Zhentil Keep on their southern border.
The people of this part of the world are masters of steel manufacture. Some say they have found other, more exotic metals with which to fashion their weapons. The barbarian tribes that make this area their home area are self-sufficient, and keep largely to themselves, but do occasionally trade with their neigbours for those luxuries they cannot produce themselves.



Main: Damaran.
Other: Orc, Giant, Goblin, Midani, Netherese.


Weapons: Battle Axe, Spear
Armour: Studded Leather
Mount: Horses


Fist of Stone

Fighting Styles:

Mounted Fighting Style; Two-Handed Weapon Fighting Style.

Favoured Deities:

Malar, Selune, Talos, Tempus

The Ride

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