The Silver Marches

Silverymoon is the Gem of the North, a city built as a center of learning and a symbol of the greatness that once shone out of the elven capital of Myth Drannor. About thirty years ago, the then ruler of Silverymoon, High Lady Alustriel reached out to the rulers of other human, elven, and dwarven strongholds north of the High Forest, west of the Evermoors, and south of the great mountains. After much debate, the diverse dwarfholds, human and half-elven settlements, and human cities decided to ally in a mutual defense pact headed by Alustriel, who stepped down as ruler of Silverymoon in order to oversee the new confederacy of the Silver Marches.

The present member settlements of the Silver Marches include Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Deadsnows, Everlund, Jalanthar, Mithral Hall, Quaervarr, Silverymoon, and Sundabar.

The folk of the Silver Marches are confident, hopeful, and content. All around stands a wide and beautiful land, a promise of growth and prosperity for generations to come. Acting with care and respect, the humans hope to reap the riches of the forests and mountains without destroying what they touch, learning from elves and dwarves how to live with the land instead of bending the land to human whim. All people are free, all people may own land, and no one is guaranteed rights and privileges that are denied to others under the law. The Silver Marches represent the unfolding of a dream, a chance to forge a better Faerûn, and everyone from the poorest woodcutter to the richest city merchant feels they are part of something extraordinary.

That said, the new confederation is not perfect. Just because humans, elves, and dwarves have set aside their differences in a few small cities in the North doesn’t mean that the barbarians, orcs, gnolls, giants, and dragons of this forbidding landscape feel constrained to join them. Deadly enemies surround Alustriel’s league and plot its downfall. The orc hordes of the high mountains grow strong again and arm for war; The drow of Menzoberranzan threaten the fledgling realm from the depths of the earth. And, as in most other places of Faerûn, the wreckage of ancient realms and the remnants of magical disasters wait under the forests and snows of the realm. Plagues and evils untold await those foolish enough to disturb them.



Main: Illuskan.
Other: Chondathan, Dwarven, Elven, Orc, Giant, Gnomish, Sylvan


Weapons: Longsword, Long Bow, Battle Axe
Armour: Studded Leather, Plate Mail
Mounts: Horse, Riding Goat


Troll Repellent

Fighting Styles:

Missile Fighting Style; Single Weapon Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Deneir, Mielikki, Milil, Mystra, Oghma, Silvanus, Elven Pantheon

The Silver Marches

Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt