The Underdark

The region called the Underdark is an entire world beneath the feet of the surface dwellers of Faerûn. Inhabited by monstrous and evil creatures that shun the daylight, the Underdark teems with entire cities and nations of derro, drow, duergar, and illithids. It is also home to even stranger races such as aboleths, beholders, and kuo-toas, as well as slaves of just about any intelligent humanoid found on the surface.

These evil beings battle or trade with each other for resources, magic, and power, forming alliances that collapse when plots unravel or better opportunities come along. Interspersed with the warring city-states are enclaves of gnomes, svirfneblin, dwarves, and other neutral and good folk, who remain isolated or resist encroachment by malign neighbors.

The Underdark is a harsh realm where two overwhelming drives rule: survival and the destruction of your enemies. Perpetually dark in most regions, the Underdark is filled with creatures that long ago developed infravision or enhanced senses to compensate, often becoming intolerant of true light as a result of their adaptation. Some places are dimly lit by glowing rocks, luminous crystals, or phosphorescent moss, lichen, and fungi. Bizarre plants are common, and visitors usually find it impossible to identify which are hostile or poisonous without magic or potentially lethal experimentation. The most precious resource is fresh water, since the Underdark has no rain and inhabitants must rely on whatever filters down from the surface. Those who discover water hoard it and protect it with their lives.

Because of the scarcity of certain resources, each city often specializes in producing a few items and trading these with neighbors in peaceful times. A typical trade caravan consists of several dozen heavily armed merchants and soldiers, with two to three patrols sent forward or behind while traveling. Although the tunnels are generally silent, echoes travel far, and a skilled Underdark scout learns to recognize subtle signs of natural animals and lurking threats by their echoes alone. Wealthier cities teleport caravans to their destinations or use existing portals to speed travel, and access to a convenient portal is often the cause of lengthy wars between nearby cities. Cities that develop a reputation for killing or enslaving caravans in peacetime (as opposed to exhibiting cool hostility and rudeness, which are expected) usually find themselves cut off from valuable resources and made easy prey for aggressors.

War, conquest, decay, and collapse form the familiar cycle of the Underdark nations. Cities fight each other for riches, resources, or slaves, or out of age-old hatred. Stable empires grow decadent or suffer from numerous and constant skirmishes that bleed away their power. Failing empires collapse, sometimes from within and some times prompted by the blades of their enemies. From these broken cities come groups of survivors who find niches where they can scratch opt an existence and eventually build new cities.



Undercommon, Dwarven, Drow Elven, Gnomish, Orc


Weapons: Hand Crossbow, Battle Axe, Long Sword, Rapier, Two Handed Sword, Spear.
Armour: Chainmail, Banded Mail, Shield (all)
Mounts: Giant Spider, Riding Beetle, Riding Lizard.



Fighting Styles:

Missile Fighting Style; Finesse Fighting Style; Weapon & Shield Fighting Style; Two-Handed Weapon Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Deep Duerra, Laduguer, Dumathoin, Lloth, Callarduran Smoothhands, Orc Pantheon, Chauntea, Grumbar, Kossuth, Mystra, Shar.

The Underdark

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