The Vast

The Vast is a verdant farming and hunting area on the eastern shore of the Dragon Reach, best known for its thriving ports: Calaunt, ever-changing Tantras, the adventurers’ haven Ravens Bluff, and regimented Procampur. Orcs and dwarves vie for supremacy over the nearby mountains. Orc raids on the lowlands are rare, but troublesome enough to keep the human population concentrated along the coast. Intrigues between rival factions and a wealth of dwarven ruins beckon to adventurers.

Thanks to the Sea of Fallen Stars, the Vast enjoys a mild climate year round, with long, cool summers and short, mild winters. Most of the Vast is rolling farmland with fields divided by low walls made from rubble. Small wooded lots appear among the farms. Dozens of brooks and streams crisscross the land, but they seldom join the major rivers. Instead, they end in pools that drain into subterranean rivulets flowing toward the Inner Sea. The jigsaw water table owes its existence to broken and tilted layers of rock that lie under the deep soil of the vast. Small sinkholes, caves, and rifts are plentiful.

Folk in the Vast have a pioneering spirit and see themselves as one with the land they inhabit. Their loyalties lie with their local communities. They always go armed (albeit usually with simple weapons), especially outside the cities. They tend to keep to themselves, but minstrels and bards are welcomed everywhere – the Vast folk delight in a well-sung ballad arid news of other lands.

Boar, deer, and black-masked bears roam the forests and mountainsides of the Vast. Hunting is a way of life in the countryside, especially in the high country.





Weapons: Long Bow, Short Bow, Short Sword
Armour: Banded Mail, Small and Medium Shield (often with spikes)
Mounts: Horse, Pony, Donkey


Ottiluke’s Smoky Sphere

Fighting Styles:

Weapon & Shield Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Chauntea, Eldath, Mystra, Tempus, Torm, Tymora, Umberlee, Waukeen.

The Vast

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