Once, a great empire like its sister nation Mulhorand, Unther fell far under the rule of the cruel manifestation of the deity Gilgeam. With Gilgeam’s death at the claws of Tiamat, Unther was plunged into chaos. Slaves rebelled, commoners rejoiced at the death of the tyrant, and clerics of Gilgeam and nobles struggled to maintain order. The armies of Mulhorand took advantage of this unrest, invading southern Unther and placing conquered areas under martial law.

Now Unther is a country divided between those who cling to the old ways and those who hope the pharaoh of Mulhorand will treat them better than their old ruler did. Unther is a land of opportunity, where military force, diplomacy, subterfuge, and intrigue all play a part in survival and power.

Victims of a cruel tyrant, the people of Unther had grown used to – but not complacent in -hardship and misery. While the land’s exalted nobles lived a life of luxury, served by slaves and supported by the national treasury, the common people paid high taxes, and slaves were treated so poorly that the punishment for killing one was paying a fine to the owner. While the government espoused the power of law in Unther, those who enforced the laws often disregarded the rights of citizens in favor of acquiring wealth and power for themselves. Slaves worked long hours for little food and were branded on the arm as a sign of their servitude.

With the fall of Gilgeam, the lower classes glimpsed a hope that their lot would improve, but the arrival of the Thayvian army only made matters worse. Untherite slaves (whether owned by temples or individuals) became property of the Red Wizards, a worse lot in life than they had ever known before.

When Thay fell, Unther started the slow process of rebuilding. In the years since, their society has started to flourish, with a merchant class emerging from the ashes of years of occupation and oppression.



Untheric, Dwarven, Draconic


Weapons: Khopesh, Spear, Dagger
Armour: Banded Mail, Chain Mail
Mounts: Camel, Horse, Riding Goat


Ignite Flame
Otto’s Chime of Release

Fighting Styles:

Weapon & Shield Fighting Style

Favoured Deities:

Mulhorandi Pantheon, Bane, Mystra, Draconic Pantheon, Dwarven Pantheon


Forgotten Realms: Birthright Avanpallandt