Wild Elves

Wild elves also known as green elves, or Sy-tel-quessir in their own language, are a feral, stealthy subrace of elves that have become more and more reclusive over the years.
They are heavily built and have deeply tanned skin. Their hair ranges from black to light brown, which grays and turns white with old age. They prefer to wear as little clothing as possible and choose instead to adorn themselves with other decorations like tattoos, feathers or body paint. Males are usually larger than females.
They are nimble and agile in body, but are less educated than their elven brethren, due in part to their aversion to civilization.

Wild elves are a quiet, withdrawn people who are slow to trust, and tend to dislike outsiders. They are not wholly uncouth and most would rather let trespassers go freely than harm them. They are also trustworthy and loyal friends who will happily reward those who earn their respect and admiration in any way they can.

  • Ability Adjustments: +1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence.
  • Movement Rate: 12
  • Infravision: Elves can see varying degrees of heat in the darkness to a distance of 60’.
  • Resistances: Elves are 90% resistant to Sleep and Charm related spells.
  • Cultural Weapons: Elves are trained from a young age to use bows and swords. They gain a +1 to hit with all long and short bows, and all long and short swords.
  • Stealthy: Elves gain a bonus to surprise opponents, as long as they are not in metal armour. They must also be alone, or with a party of those with similar abilities, or at least 90’ away from those who don’t share this ability. Opponents suffer a -4 to their rolls. If they must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
  • Perceptive: Elves can spot secret or concealed doors with relative ease. Merely passing within 10’ of a concealed door gives them a 1 in 6 chance to notice it. If actively searching for such doors, they have a 1 in 3 chance to find a secret door, or a 1 in 2 chance to find a concealed portal.

Regions: Wild Elves favour warm southern forests and jungles, such as the Chondalwood, the Methwood, the Forest of Amtar, The Misty Vale, Chult, Chessenta, and the Shaar.
Racial Spells: Wild Elves can pick one spell from the following list when starting play: Affect Normal Fires, Bloom, Spider Climb, and Blackthorns.

Wild Elves

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