Ard’Marie (pronounced Ard Mah-ree-yay) is a large elven settlement in the heart of Hullack Forest. The elven translation is ‘Home of Peace’.

It has a population of roughly 1200 elves and half elves. A few other sylvan races make it their home too. The settlement was originally part of the elven kingdom of Cormanthor in ages passed, but following the fall of Myth Drannor, the settlement was cut off. Humans grew in number and expanded their borders ever further, encroaching upon what were traditionally elven lands. Eventually, the humans and elves came to an agreement. The elves retained control of the Forest and its original borders, and humans were allowed to log north of the river. Until now, that treaty has held. Humans are a fickle race, though, and short lived. Although the last few rulers of Cormyr have kept their word, who is to say that will always be the case? The elves feel the pressure of having to deal with the ever changing face of their neighbours. They believe it is only a matter of time before the treaty will fail.

More recently, the settlement has suffered a terrible fate. Many of the original inhabitants have fled deeper into the forest, but many were not so fortunate.



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