Enchant an Item



School: (Universal)
Sphere: (All)

Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Area of Effect: 1 Item
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 8 hours
Saving Throw: Negates

This spell must be used by those planning to create a magical item.

Casting this spell on a specially fabricated item, prepares it to accept the magic.

The requirements for the item to be enchanted will be described by the schematic or research done by the item creator. In most cases, the item in question is going to be of masterwork quality or better, and have been fabricated with special ingredients, processes, and circumstances. Ordinary items simply won’t hold the enchantment.

The caster must have access to a laboratory or similar workshop, properly equipped, and free of other contaminating magic.
Any magical item not related to the fabrication process (such as most protective devices) and within 30 feet of the materials is a source of contamination and will spoil the process.

The item to be prepared must be touched by the caster for the duration of the spell. The caster may rest for brief periods, and take short breaks, but the item in question can never be more than 10 feet from the caster. Once a full 8 hours of casting has passed the ritual is complete (not including breaks).

Note that during these breaks, no other magic may be performed or the spell is considered ruined, and the caster must begin again. It is a labour intensive process with a lot of intricate components. Breaking ones concentration in any significant way will ruin the spell (eating a big meal, extremely loud noises, battle, etc). Snacking, drinking, and using the facilities are allowed.

Once the final syllable is spoken, the spell is completed, and the item is subjected to a saving throw to see if the magic has taken. The item rolls a save versus spell, adding the caster’s insight bonus. If the save fails, the spell fails. If the save is successful, the item is primed and ready to receive its enchantments.

The caster can imbue an item with one power, spell, spell-like ability, or effect per level. Charged items that have multiples of the same spell to be expended count as one effect.

No magic placed upon an item is permanent unless the caster imbues the item with a shard of his own spirit (in the form of experience points)

Other items may not be used to enchant an item or cast magic upon the object so prepared, with the exception of scrolls.

The material components of the spell vary by item, and are usually tailored to the effects the item will produce. Consult the DM for specifics.

This spell is allows the caster to prepare different items depending on their level. It is a function of the power of the item as well.
Consult the table below to determine that power level.

Min. Caster Level Max. Arcane Spell Level Max. Divine Spell Level Max. Bonus Rarity
3 1st 1st +1* Common
5 3rd 3rd +1 Uncommon
9 5th 5th +2 Rare
14 7th 6th +3 Very Rare
18 9th 7th +4 Legendary
  • Maximum Spell Level: This column of the table indicates the highest level spell effect the item can confer, in the form of a once-per-day or similarly limited property. For example, a common item might confer the benefit of a 1st level spell once per day. An uncommon, rare, or very rare item would allow its possessor to cast a lower level spell more frequently.
    Making the spell effect permanent, or simply activated at will, automatically increases the rarity of the item by at least one category depending on the effect.
  • Maximum Bonus: If an item delivers a static bonus to AC, attack rolls, saving throws, or ability checks, this column indicates the maximum amount based on the creator’s level. * At this level, you can only create weapons or armour to hold a permanent +1. Other items wait until the caster is level 5.
  • Minimum Caster Level: These columns show the level required to attempt making items holding spells or powers of that level.
  • Rarity: This is a rough indication of how frequently one would encounter items of this caliber in the world as a whole, and the relative likelihood the creator would encounter schematics of such an item.

The DM has final say on all aspects of the item being created.

Enchant an Item

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