Gromgar (meaning Boulder Fist) is an Orcish settlement in the Thunderpeaks, roughly 50 miles to the east of Hullack Forest. It has been home to several tribes for hundreds of years, but most recently it had been in the hands of the Guruk’Kraz Clan – Which translates roughly as “Black Rock” but implies strength.
The Settlement grew out of what was originally a Netherese worship site. Probably a shrine to Tyche.
After the fall of Netheril, the site lay abandoned for centuries, until it was discovered by orc tribes fleeing the Stonelands to the north west.

The fortress was corrupted when the Annis Hag, Grishka the Black brought the Nar idol of demon binding here in secret. The orcs fell to her magics and the idol’s corruptive influence soon after that.

Following the defeat of Grishka, the site remains unoccupied. Efforts to purge the corruption are underway.



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