Medicine Man or Woman

Though a skilled healer, the Medicine Man or Woman has responsibilities beyond curing the sick, and ministering to the wounded of their people. They also serve as a counselor, teacher, and spiritual advisor, using gentle words and supernatural forces to promote their well being.


To qualify to become a Medicine Man or Woman, a character must fulfill the following criteria:

  • They must be of Barbarian class, or be multi / dual classed as one.
  • They must have the following minimum ability scores: Intelligence 9, and Wisdom 9.
  • They must be kind of heart and good natured.

The Medicine Man or Woman assumes the role of caretaker for any group with which they align. They gather up healing herbs for the wounded, stay up through the night with the sick, and preside over funeral rights for the dead. They are unusually reflective, and take great interest in the natural world around them. To them, nature is a provider of nourishment, healing, and other resources. It is however also uncaring and merciless. It is eternal.
Their intimate knowledge of the natural world also gives them incredible insights into its dangers. They are experts in poison lore, and use this knowledge to help identify toxins that afflict their patients, as well as use them offensively to aid in combat. They will most often use debilitating or paralytic poisons to that effect. Using instantly lethal toxins themselves goes against their beliefs and will result in the loss of their connection to the spirit world.
On the battlefield, they fight with as much ferocity and valour as any of their ilk, but with a level of selflessness that is indicative of their need to aid others.

Weapon Proficiencies:

Medicine Men and Women can fight with all the weapons normally allowed to Barbarians.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Animal Lore, Alchemy, Knowledge Astrology, and Knowledge: Cosmology are considered class proficiencies for this kit, and therefore only cost 1 slot each. (This is related to the gathering of poison materials, and the fabrication of poisons, as well as their knowledge of the heavens and the spirit world)

Bonus: Healing, and Herbalism.
Recommended: Animal Lore, Alchemy, Tracking, Knowledge: Regional, Survival, Navigation.

Due to their intimate knowledge of the healing arts, they also recieve a +2 bonus to all Healing and Herbalism proficiency checks

Special Benefits:

  • Because of their training and experience in the use of poisons, Medicine Men and Women can identify poisons used by others. The character must use the appropriate non-weapon proficiency to do so (Herbalism, Alchemy, or Animal Lore). The character gets +1 bonus per level on any such roll.
  • Medicine Men and Women do not suffer the 5% chance to accidentally poison themselves when handling, identifying, applying or creating poisons.
  • Medicine Men and Women receive a bonus to saves vs. poison equal to 1 every 2 levels.
  • Destroy Disease:
    This ability allows a Medicine Man or Woman to instantly cure a diseased or poisoned victim (other than themselves) by transforming the debilitation into a physical entity. They may use this ability to destroy one disease for every four levels of experience per week. Thus an 8th level character could destroy three diseases per week. They place their hands on the victim, and then save vs. Death Magic. If the save fails, noting happens. If the save succeeds, the victim is cured, as if affected by a Cure Disease or Neutralize Poison spell. The curing occurs immediately, and the victim recovers all hit points and up to 1d3 points of temporary ability damage lost as a result of the disease or poison. Permanent ability damage cannot be cured this way.

The disease or poison manifests as a black blob, vaguely skull-shaped, hovering about 5 feet away. The entity cannot attack or move, but will remain with the Medicine Man or Woman if they attempt to escape.
The Medicine Man or Woman has 2 rounds to destroy it. It has 1d4+1 hp and AC 10. It can only be harmed by the Medicine Man or Woman. It is 100% resistant to all magic. If it is reduced to 0 hp, it disappears and the ailment is cured.
If the blob is not destroyed in 2 rounds, it is immediately absorbed into the Medicine Man or Woman, afflicting them with the same disease or poison. Since they cannot perform this ritual on themselves, it must thus be cured by other means. If so absorbed, the original victim is cured.

  • Medicine Belt:
    The character can create this special talisman once a month, that grants special protections to the wearer.
    To create one, the Medicine Man or Woman must spend a full day gathering herbs, bones, feathers, and other exotic components, then another full day putting it together while engaging in a special ritual chosen by the character. When it’s complete, they roll a save vs. Death Magic. If it fails, the belt is useless, and they cannot try again for a month. If it succeeds, the belt grants the wearer one of the following special properties as determined by a d6 roll. The belt loses its properties after 1d3+1 weeks.
D6 roll Property
1 +1 bonus to AC
2 Immunity to all poisons
3 +2 save vs. Spells
4 Heal at twice the normal rate. (applies to natural healing)
5 Immunity to all non-magical diseases
6 +1 bonus to all saves

Special Hindrances:

  • Kind Heart:
    A Medicine Man or Woman cannot knowingly commit acts of evil, such as premeditated murder, torture, sadism, or needless killing of any kind. If the character does engage in such acts, they forfeit their links to the spirit world and all their gifts are taken away by the spirits. Even their ability to rage.
    Killing in battle is allowed of course, as long as it is justified, and the enemies deserve it.The DM is the final arbiter on whether this line has been crossed.

Medicine Man or Woman

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