Shadow Dancer


Operating on the border of light and darkness, Shadow Dancers are nimble artists of deception and guile in battle. Using some of the advantages normally employed by rogues, they make the most of their agility and maneuverability in combat. They gain some of the stealth, and sacrifice some of the armour. They often vault into combat from hiding, land a blow, and attempt to vanish again.


To qualify to become a Shadow Dancer, a character must fulfill the following criteria

  • They must have levels in a warrior class, either a single classed character, or multi / dual classed.
  • They must have a Dexterity score of at least 13.
  • They cannot have any levels in a rogue class.


A Shadow Dancer is a trickster on the battlefield. Using their agility and maneuverability to outwit their opponents. They often take the role of scouts, spies, or guerrilla warriors, but can also be individuals who prefer to use skirmisher tactics. Ambushing and hit-and-run tactics are their preferred method of assault, using terrain, shadows and other combatants as tactical shields. They are calculating and methodical, and will often disorient and confuse their opponents with their movements. Their ability to use acrobatics only makes them that much more difficult to attack.

Weapon Proficiencies:

Shadow Dancers are allowed to use any weapon and fighting style, but they gravitate towards those styles and weapons that facilitate their agility and mobility in combat. Fencing blades, small and light weapons are preferred.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Shadow Dancers get Expression: Dancing and Acrobatics for free.
It is common for them to take Weakness Identification, Tactics, Taunting, and Dirty Tricks.

Special Benefits:

  • Shadow Dancers are trained to be stealthy, in order to scout, ambush and generally disorient their opponents. They are trained in the use of the Hide in Shadows and Move Silently larceny skills. Their skill level is 10% plus 5% per level in each. These skills only work as long as the character is wearing light armour. The skill ratings can never exceed 95%. The Shadow Dancer’s race, Dexterity, and armour worn modify the scores, as per the rogue skills of the same name.
  • Shadow Dancers receive the Evasion ability at level 2 (See the Thief Class)
  • Shadow Dancers receive the Uncanny Dodge ability at level 4 (See the Thief Class)
  • Shadow Dancers get the Moving Target fighting style for free at level 7
  • Shadow Dancers get the Rapid Combatant fighting style at level 10

Special Hindrances:

  • Shadow Dancers cannot wear heavy armour of any kind, as it interferes with their mobility and agility. For the same reason, they cannot use shields. They prefer light armour as it doesn’t interfere with their stealth abilities.
  • Shadow Dancers must make use of the Finesse fighting styles. They focus on their agility rather than their brute strength in combat.

Shadow Dancer

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